Terms and Conditions

SIGNINGWORKS is a Bristol based Sign Language Agency. We set up after consultation with the Deaf and interpreting community and we continue to work closely with them to ensure that our business provides a high quality range of services. These include BSL/Eng interpreting, relay interpreting, translation work, provision of Deaf presenters and Deaf Awareness Training. In addition we can provide speech to text, deafblind interpreting, lipspeakers, and notetakers. Our Terms and Conditions are set out below:


Assignment: The date agreed between the parties whereby SIGNINGWORKS will endeavour to have completed the services.

Client: The person, firm or company with whom SIGNINGWORKS contracts.

Contract: The terms and conditions and the document agreed between the parties determining the parties, services, dates, venue and fee.

Daily Rate: The price agreed between the parties for the services.

Fee: The price agreed between the parties for the services.

Interpreter/Service provider: The person/s providing the service.

Service: The services set out in the booking form.

Venue: The location designated in the contract at which the services will be performed.


Basis of the Contract

The Client agrees to pay the Fee according to the Contract terms and SIGNINGWORKS agrees to provide the Services according to the Contract terms.

A request for Services or a quote for provision of Services does not constitute a Contract. A Contract will only be formed on acceptance by SIGNINGWORKS of the Client’s order.

The terms and conditions will apply to all Contracts for the provision of Services by SIGNINGWORKS to the Client to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions including any terms and conditions which the Client may purport to apply under any order or other document. In the case of any conflict or ambiguity between the Client’s original specification and the specification set out on this document, the latter will prevail.

The Client’s acceptance of provision of the Services will be taken as the Client’s acceptance of the Contract.

SIGNINGWORKS may employ Associates to carry out any part of its obligations under the Contract.

Any variation of these terms and conditions will be null and void unless agreed in writing by SIGNINGWORKS.

Any tender or quotation offered by SIGNINGWORKS to the Client will be subject to these terms and conditions unless otherwise stated and shall be valid for 30 days and may be revoked at any time.


The Assignment

It is the Clients’ responsibility to provide the correct address and post code for the venue. Any delays caused by incorrect information provided by the Client will be the Client’s responsibility.

The Client will ensure that the Assignment Venue holds public liability insurance and that the health and safely of the Service Provider is not put at risk.

The Client will provide SIGNINGWORKS with any information or preparatory material at least 5 days in advance of the Assignment date that the Service Provider may reasonably need to perform the Services.

The Client will ensure that the Venue is well lit and that the Service Provider is located close enough to the speaker to be able to hear without impediment and to be seen without impediment by the users of the Services.

SIGNINGWORKS will not be held responsible for any delay caused by factors outside of its control, including any delays caused whilst making any alterations necessary to the work environment as may be necessary for the Service Provider.

The Client may not record in any form, the Service Provider’s work without prior written agreement by SIGNINGWORKS except where this is required for legal reasons. In this case, SIGNINGWORKS must be informed that this will happen.

The Service Provider will be offered adequate rest periods during the assignment.

Where the Assignment is likely to overrun the stated end time the Client will inform SIGNINGWORKS and an additional charge in excess of the original agreement may apply. The amount of the excess charge will be dependent on the time of day and whether it is a weekday or weekend.

If a booked Service Provider is unable to provide the services, SIGNINGWORKS reserves the right to substitute the Service Provider with a suitable replacement.

Should the Client change the specification of the Assignment, cause any delay or fail to deliver adequate information, facilities or instruction, SIGNINGWORKS reserves the right to change the date and times of the Assignment by giving notice to the Client before the Assignment begins.

Employed and Associate Service Providers are bound by the Code of Ethics/Conduct issued by:
National Registers of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deaf/blind people (NRCPD)
Association of Sign Language Interpreters (ASLI)
Association of Lip Speakers
Institute of Translation and Interpreting

Interpreters provided for the Assignment will be registered with Signature via The National Registers of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deaf/blind people (NRCPD) and/or full or associate members of The Association of Sign Language Interpreters (ASLI).

The Service Provider has the right to withdraw their services if an assignment is considerably different from that described at the time of booking and if they feel that to continue to work would be detrimental to their own well being and professional standing or if they feel that to continue working would not be in the best interests of the Clients.


The minimum fee for an assignment is three hours.  Thereafter, it will be invoiced as additional hours accordingly.

The Fee will be agreed between SIGNINGWORKS and the Client before the Assignment.

SIGNINGWORKS may increase the Fee (having given notice to the Client) if:
1) The cost to SIGNINGWORKS of providing the Service to the Client increases due to circumstances beyond SIGNINGWORKS’ control.
2) Additional services to those stated in the Contract are required.
3) The services are required outside of normal working hours.
4) A replacement Service Provider is required.
5) The specification of the booking is changed by the Client.
6) The Client agrees to changes made to the contract by SIGNINGWORKS
7) There is a delay caused due to the Client.

The Client will also be responsible for reimbursing the Service Provider’s expenses for performing the services required by the Contract. These may include travel, accommodation and meals/beverages.

All monies due will be paid in full by the Client within 30 days on receipt of the invoice.

The Fee does not include VAT which will be paid by the Client.

If the Client fails to pay within the allotted timescale, SIGNINGWORKS may:
1) Invoice further services in advance
2) Cancel the Contract between SIGNINGWORKS and the Client.
3) Cancel any other Contract between SIGNINGWORKS and the Client.
4) Charge interest on the outstanding amount
5) Charge the Client expenses for reclaiming due Fees.


The following cancellation Fee will apply if the Assignment is cancelled as a result of an act or omission by the Client:
Cancellation on eight to 14 days notice – 50% Fee
Cancellation on seven or fewer days notice – 100% Fee

Cancellations must be received by 5pm on a working day, or they will not be deemed as being received until 9am on the following working day.

SIGNINGWORKS also reserves the right to charge the Client for any expenses incurred by the Service Provider or SIGNINGWORKS as a result of the cancellation.

Should a Service Provider be unable to attend an Assignment, SIGNINGWORKS will endeavour to provide a replacement Interpreter. If this is not possible, SIGNINGWORKS will only be liable to reimburse the Client for any advance payment in relation to that session.



Professional Development

Permission will be sought from all parties to conduct professional development. This may take the form of shadowing, observing, live or visual evidence collection of a Service Provider.

All material collected will be treated confidentially and used for professional assessment and development. Should the material be required for any other uses, then permission from the involved parties will be sought again.


This is a valuable part of monitoring SIGNINGWORKS’ service to the Client. SIGNINGWORKS would encourage the Client to give regular feedback in order for services to be continually improved.


The Client will not approach the Service Provider who has been introduced to them by SIGNINGWORKS to work with them directly. This period will last for six months after termination of the contract.

In the event of a breach of the above, then the Client will pay SIGNINGWORKS damages of 100% of the agency fee for the duration of the work or six months, which ever is shorter. If an employee is involved, the client will pay 50% of their gross annual salary.

The Client and SIGNINGWORKS acknowledge that this is a fair estimation of the loss incurred by SIGNINGWORKS by the loss of the person so engaged or employed.


Any complaint arising from the Assignment or the service from SIGNINGWORKS must first be directed to the Directors of SIGNINGWORKS immediately. Failure to register this within 7 days of the complaint will render the complaint null and void. Failure to reach an agreement (within 14 days of receipt of complaint) will result in the complaint being referred to an arbitrator in this case, the NRCPD (National Registers of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deaf/blind people) www.nrcpd.org.uk . In the case of a complaint being received, the invoice will be put on hold until resolution of the complaint.