Environmental Policy

SigningWorks Limited is aware that operating its business has an impact on the environment. It is therefore essential that all parties concerned, either within or outside our organisation, combine their efforts to both recognise and reduce the impact our operations have upon it.

To this end we at SigningWorks Limited commit to the following statements:

  1. To operate our business in a manner that is sensitive to the needs and concerns of the people and the surrounding environment.
  2. To use where practical the latest technology to develop sound environmentally conscious means of providing our services.
  3. To integrate environmental issues into our decision making, whilst recognising that business concerns might affect the course of action.
  4. Where practical to reduce or eliminate pollution
  5. To manage waste generated from our business operations by reduction, re-use and recycling.
  6. To continually look for ways to improve our business and reduce our environmental impact.
  7. To educate and train our employees in the use of environmentally conscious practices, recognising that no matter what their roles are, they are also responsible for protecting the environment.
  8. To ensure compliance with relevant environmental legislation and other requirements related to our operations.
  9. To set and achieve our environmental objectives and targets.
  10. To source as much as possible from the local economy