SignGigs event


On 28th September there will be a SignGigs event to support the following charities – please come along and show your support.

The Hannah Johnson Hope Fund

(Registered Fund NPO0782)

Has been established in order to carry on raising funds and awareness of charitable causes which Hannah would have continued to undertake had her life not been cut short by cancer at the age of 19. The Hannah Johnson Hope Fund was recently proud to open the “The Hannah Room” at Rouge Bouillon School, Jersey which is a sensory room to be used for children with Autism. During Hannah’s battle with cancer, she still gave time to get involved in the Teenage Cancer Trust campaign, which is another campaign the fund will continue to support.

The Family Centre (Deaf Children) Bristol

(Registered Charity 1062339)

Is a small local charity supporting over 170 families that have a deaf child or deaf parent. The Family Centre provide a range of fun activities and learning opportunities for children, as well as support parents and carers to come together with other families in a similar situation to benefit from sharing knowledge, experiences and support.

This year, the goal is to raise money to support these two charities in the amazing work that they do.

If you need more details please do contact [email protected]

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